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At América Móvil we have distinguished ourselves as an entity whose philosophy, values and principles have been guided by the highest ethical standards, which have been fundamental to sustain the growth, consolidation and projection of both the organization and its individuals. As part of the supervision of these standards, we maintain the commitment to investigate, rectify and, where appropriate, sanction any conduct, fact or circumstance that violates and / or transgresses the principles and values established in our Code of Ethics, whose implementation is mandatory for all its subsidiaries and their respective employees, managers, directors and dealers, and it is also very important that our shareholders, suppliers, distributors, business partners or any person related to the company assume and endorse these principles and values within the scope of our respective operations.

The information you provide will be confidential and anonymous if you wish, and it will be attended by AMX Ethics Committee of their respective subsidiaries, considered that the inappropriate use of this system will be investigated as well.

To report situations that pose an immediate threat to life or property that require urgent assistance, please contact the local jurisdictional authorities directly.

IMPORTANT: This portal does not manage problems related to the products or services provided by the company, to report this type of situation please go to the corresponding customer service sections on the web portal of the supplier company or go to the customer service center more close to your location.

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